All you need to know about Muay Thai Fighting

Muay Thai Fighting


Muay Thai fighting which is also known as “Thai Boxing” is a combat sport that was created and developed in the ancient Thailand by the warriors who even employed these tactics while fighting with each other. The whole technique of Muay Thai fighting actually focuses on maintaining physical and mental discipline. Also these days Muay Thai fighting techniques is used by number of military forces to train their soldiers. For example the Thai military, The United States Navy Seal and by CIA which use these for training their soldiers. This art is also known as “the art of eight limbs” because it is actually performed with the combined use of fists, knees, elbows and shins. The martial art form uses much of the kicks and punches but in this art you can knock down your opponent just with a single shot. Even some of your moves may lead to breaking bones while some of the moves can actually kill someone.

Muay Thai fighting style
Muay Thai fighting style

Muay Thai Fighting Technique

Regarding it as the art of eight limbs every limb has its own function which serves as the hands to become the sword or the daggers, moreover the forearm and shin are made strong so that they can act as armor against all kinds of blows. The elbow is used to give opponents a blow feeling like hammer while the knees and legs act as the staff and axe. But the main part lies in coordinating the body and operating it as a single unit. Another main devastating move of this art is the “Clinch” which means that your opponent will lock up his opponent and the begin beating the stomach, legs and rigs of his opponent by using knees doing all this being in a standing position. Thai fighting has a number of clinches most popular among them are the low clinch, arm clinch and the side clinch. The Muay Thai fighting techniques are divided into two types that are known as “Mae mai” and the “Luk mai”. The Mae mai stands for the major techniques while Luk mai stands for minor techniques.

Things Muay Thai fighting student must learn

A Muay Thai student must learn these 6 major moves and different techniques to play these moves are:

  1. Chok or the Punch
  2. Sok or the Elbow
  3. Te or the Kick
  4. Ti khao or the Knee
  5. Teep or a foot thrust
  6. Chap kho or the clinch and neck wrestle.

Apart from these defensive techniques a fighter also needs to learn defense against all these attacks so that he could save himself against the blows of his opponents. Defenses in Muay Thai fighting are of six types:-

  1. Redirection that involves changing your direction of strike
  2. Avoidance that involves moving your attacked part out of the way of the strike
  3. Disruption that involves pre-empting of an attack
  4. Blocking that involves blocking the attack with help of your shin and the forearms
  5. Evasion that involves moving all of your body out of the way of strike
  6. Anticipation which involves the counter striking by catching your opponent strike as early as possible

Muay Thai fighting can train a fighter so nicely that with some years of practice the shins and the elbows of a fighter can become lethal weapons that could almost kill any ordinary anyone. This makes Muay Thai fighting as one of the most respected martial arts of society.

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