Muay Thai Kickboxing-Introduction, History and Benefits

Muay Thai Kickboxing
Muay Thai Kickboxing
Muay Thai Kickboxing

Introduction about Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai kickboxing is basically the art of eight of limbs in which eight points of contact of the body are used which includes punches, kicks, elbows and knees. In other words, it is an eight-point fighting system. This art has become very famous from past few years among those who are looking for MMA competition opportunities as well as want to do cardiovascular and aerobics. The Muay Thai kickboxing is a very exceptional form of martial art and is somewhat similar to traditional kickboxing. The trainer of Muay Thai is known as Nak Muay and western trainer is known as Nak Muay Farang.

History of Muay Thai Kickboxing

The conventional form of boxing was developed in Thailand and has very particular style of self-defense and unique techniques for fighting. The art from was named after famous fighters Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong. Muay Thai has developed nearly hundreds of years back and is the cultural martial art of Thailand.

Benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing

For people of all ages Muay Thai Kickboxing has many advantages. This art of self-defense is beneficial for those who are looking for new and innovative workout option. Main advantages of this art form are:

  • Lessons of discipline: You can learn many things of discipline by taking part in Muay Thai Kickboxing because the whole art is based on educating about self-control and self-discipline. This art has positive mental effects on the day to day life of those who want to participate in any game.
  • Self –defense: This art form lays much emphasis on teaching self-defense techniques than fighting aspect. In the courses under this art form participants learn how to defend and protect them in real life in case of any attack.
  • Exercise: The Muay Thai Kickboxing is an outstanding form of exercise. By joining classes of this art form one can burn his calories and fat and can also gain cardio benefits. You can also get advantages of toning and make arms and legs stronger.


Modern Muay Thai kickboxing and its training

The fighters of this art form begin their training at the very young age of 6-8 years and have near about 120-130 fights before the age of 24 years. Injuries are very common in their fights and they are able to ignore the pain and injury very well. Now, days the Muay Thai is becoming a very popular sport in different countries of the world and is accepted as the Olympic sport also. The professionals of martial arts, K-1 and submission fighting all agree that this art form is essential for becoming all around skilled fighter and this will become more famous as new training camps and gyms open around the world for providing training of this art.

In short, it can be said that this kickboxing form is becoming much popular among all ages because it teaches fighting techniques along with self- defense which is very much important in today’s world.

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