Muay Thai Kick: The Most Important Move

Muay Thai Kick

Muay Thai kick is a very important tactical move of the popular Muay Thai fighting. Muay Thai fighting which is also known as the art of eight limbs involves the use of all the eight limbs. In this art, the hands become the daggers or the swords, the forearm and shin are hardened so as to act as a guard against any kind of strikes. The knees and legs act as the staff and axe respectively while the elbow is used to give opponents a strike having the power of hammer.

Muay Thai kick boxing has become a very popular combat sport and self defense technique in the whole United States of America. After coming of mixed martial arts to US and the start of the Ultimate Fight Championship there have been many adoptions taken by the fighters from the Muay Thai kick Boxing. Moreover those who are competent and good in Thai boxing gave them an edge over their rivals who don’t know about this type of martial art. After strengthening its roots in United States Muay Thai kick boxing has become a widespread sport internationally. This became true when practitioners of the Muay Thai kick defeated many famous and notable practitioners of other martial arts. World Muay Thai Council governs all the professional leagues and norms of this sport on a global level.

The most important part of the Muay Thai fighting technique is the Muay Thai Kick. The two major kicks of Muay Thai fighting are the “thip” and the “te chiang”. The thip involves doing a foot jab, while the “te chiang” involves kicking in upwards direction in the shape of a triangle and striking it under the arms or at the ribs of the opponent. It is popularly called as roundhouse kick. In the Muay Thai roundhouse kick the fighter does a rotational movement of his entire body to combat with the opponent. This kick has been widely adopted by fighters of other martial arts and combat sports.

To perform this kick first a circular stance is made by the fighter where his back leg is a bit backward in comparison with stances of other sports like the boxing. The roundhouse kick is sometimes struck so hard that it solely can lead to knocking down of the opponent. It derives all its power from the hips that comes when the rotational movement of the body is done.

“Teh kick” can be defended using the shin as it is the strongest part of the leg for any Muay Thai Kick Boxer. A beginner may use foot or ankle to defend this kind of kick but these are moving parts which are much more important and delicate than the shin thus it can break easily and are even more prone to any sort of damage. So foot and ankle cannot be used to defend a Teh kick. In real Thai boxers are properly trained to always connect their defense strategy with their shin and the forearms.

Muay Thai fighting involves very hard and intense practice which involves proper dedication and perseverance. Thus, a Muay Thai fighter needs to be properly trained and focused towards his goals during his fights.

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