Condition your body for Muay Thai fitness level

Muay Thai Fitness


Muay Thai fighting is a martial art that was developed and practiced in the ancient Thailand by the warriors which even employed these tactics while fighting with each other. The whole technique of Thai fighting is based on maintaining physical and mental discipline. Thus this kind of martial art requires a whole new level of fitness which we can call as Muay Thai fitness level. The Muay Thai fighting technique is used by number of military forces to train their soldiers. This art is popularly known as “the art of eight limbs”. A Muay Thai fighter needs to keep his body intact and in shape as Muay Thai is a game of strength, fitness and agility. It is known that this sport is performed with the combined use of fists, knees, elbows, shins. This form uses much of the kicks and punches and is known for knocking down opponent just with a single shot. Some moves may even lead to breaking bones while some of the strikes can give life threatening blows.

Body Conditioning

Just like most of the combat sport the main focus of Muay Thai also remains the same i.e. gaining most of your physical strength by body conditioning. Its training mostly comprises of shadowboxing, skipping, rope jumping, body weight resisting exercise, running body weight resistance exercise and abdominal exercises. All these exercises are done for making a more solid body and to remain 100% fit most of the coaches and trainer focus on five exercises which is given below:

  1. Dead lifts

This is particularly used for posterior chain and is one of the most effective strength gaining exercise. One needs to conquer this on daily basis in order to gain Muay Thai fitness level. A 150lbs weighted fighter must do something like this:

  • Firstly 5-10 reps of 135lbs
  • Then 5 reps of 225lbs
  • Then 3 reps of 275lbs
  • Then 2 reps of 315lbs
  1. Front Squats

Muay Thai fitness level can even be gained through repeated training of this exercise. A Muay Thai fighter should:

  • Start with 5-10 reps of light weight
  • Then do 5 reps of heavy weight 3 times
  • Then do 5 reps of medium weight 5 times
  1. Single-Arm Push-ups

The roundhouse kick that is one of the most superb weapons in Muay Thai can be done with the help of hip; therefore it can be strengthen with this exercise. One needs to put whole of his effort and do many pushups a day to gain a great fitness level.

Single-Arm Push-ups
Single-Arm Push-ups
  1. Pull-ups

These are great tool for strengthening your clinches as they directly simulate your clinching position. A Muay Thai fighter needs to do:

  • 3 sets of weighted chin up’s and pull ups.
  • Then Front Squat 2,3,5 times
  • And then repeat for 3 ladders

    Muay Thai Pull-ups
    Muay Thai Pull-ups
  1. Sprinting

A sprint is the best exercise for any fighter which is applicable in Muay Thai fighting too. Fighters mostly practice weight sled sprints. Also some fighters generally tie bands to their waist for doing resisted sprints.

In the end we can say that every Muay Thai fighter requires large amount of Stamina and Endurance. He needs to practice well so that he can build his strength and particularly reach up to the Muay Thai fitness level.




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