Hi there,

My name is Matt and I’ve been doing Muay Thai for 7 years now.

I started Muaythaiteacher.com because I remember how I struggled to find relevant information on Muay Thai when I started out with my first training sessions. With the help of this site I think I can give advice mostly to beginners but I will also cover some advanced topics as the site grows.

My first teacher was a heavy weight fighter who also studied health and nutrition in university. I think he was a good strong fighter and I learned a lot, especially about training routines and such but he didn’t focus as much on technique as I would want to.

That lead me to look for information in alternative places. I watched fights from TV and Youtube and read some books but this way you I only learned what I could see other fighters do and I wasn’t sure if they were doing it right.

I soon joined another Muay Thai club that is run by a World Champ fighter. What I found out when switching clubs/teachers is that the same Muay Thai can actually be taught in very different ways.

Some teachers have never trained in Thailand themselves and some have even never fought a real fight. If you aim for perfection in Muay Thai I suggest you choose your gym carefully. Because there is such limited information available online and every club claims that they are the best – is the reason I started this website.

My aim is to give truthful overview of everything regarding Muay Thai training, especially what concerns the beginners as I have gone through this step myself and struggled with it on my way to becoming a fighter.